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You can take a 15-minute flight from the Albrook / Marcos A. Gelbert Airport airport by booking at Air Panama. Telf.: +507 2026880

Cielos del Pacifico

You can take a flight from Albrook airport by booking a private plane. Telf.: +507 315 1978 / 315 0626 Cel.: +507 6666 1831

Ferry Las Perlas

Embarking on the Pier of Trump Tower Ocean Club Panama, located in Punta Pacifica. Telf.: +507 200 60080

Boat Tour Panama

You can rent a yacht or a catamaran and disembark in front of the hotel to enjoy a unique experience. Telf.: +507 6935 8530

Ferry Sea Las Perlas

Embarking on the Brisas de Amador Wharf, Causeway Flamenco Island. Telf.: +507 391-1424


Playa Cacique, Isla de Contadora.


(+507) 202-7426


(+507) 63490528



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